Jeep Hitch cover

Jeep Hitch Cover

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Jeep trailer hitch cover, the FINEST trailer hitch covers for your Jeep. These jeweler quality stainless steel hitch covers come with chrome or 23k gold-plating. Hollow shaft design of stainless steel won't jam or rust. Premium Quality Auto Accessories! Fits 2" and 1 1/4" receivers! Order a locking pin at a discounted price with your purchase of a hitch cover! Standard Width Pin Styles Available:
Chrome Plated Hardened Steel for 2" receivers
Stainless Steel for 2" receivers
Black Powder Coated Steel for 2" receivers These styles all have 2 3/4" wide locking span. Wide Pin
Also available is a Wide Stainless Steel Locking Pin for 2" receivers. This locking pin is 1/2" wider to provide a locking span of 3 1/4".