Special Wide Faced Frame - Works for EVERY State!

Wide Faced License Plate Frame

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Chrome over solid metal base material - black epoxy filled. These frames do not cover the license plate face. Designed for those states which prohibit covering the state or county name, or require the registration stickers to be located in the lower corners instead of the upper corners. Also available in California script fonts. Factory Font engraved - Solid zinc construction - Heavy chrome plating - Lifetime warranty against rust - Screws and screw covers included - Optional Plexiglas at savings, you won't find these features with other brands. Wide Faced engraved area is only necessary in states where the tag validation decals are positioned at the bottom of the license plate. TRUCK Frames: Inverted engraved fames designed for truck rear bumpers and trailer hitches that would otherwise obscure the frame. No special adapters are needed. All metal license plate frames come packaged with hardware and matching SnapCaps® anti-theft hardware caps. LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT!